Outsert® Non-Modular

Unitized, one-piece construction.

If you want the look of Outsert® signage but have no need for the modularity, this is the perfect, cost-effective alternative. Outsert® Non-Modular Signage features enduring quality, sophisticated style and a vast array of options to create an exceptional solution for your environment.

Sign Types

90° WALL

Sign Options

Colors and finishes as represented are approximate and should be used for reference only. Please contact your Appenx representative for acrylic samples prior to making final decisions.

  • Colors


    WH White

    B9 Vanilla

    PW Panda White

    LU Soft White

    AW Antique White

    DW Divine White

    MA Brushed Aluminum Metallic

    AP Frost White

    RG Repose Grey

    HF Innertone Light

    LA Silver Metallic

    LT Light Tone

    LN Neutral Light

    B4 Dark Champagne Metallic

    CE Champagne Metallic

    W4 Warm Grey

    BG Beige

    A1 Almond

    TB Tawny Birch

    A4 Tan

    CP Copper Metallic

    BR Brown

    CB Chocolate Brown

    SB Satin Bronze Metallic

    TK Turkish Coffee

    SN Sandstone

    EH Metallic Bronze

    BB Brainstorm Bronze

    TD Dapper Tan

    CR Ledger Copper Metallic

    HT Innertone

    WK Sand Dark

    S1 Saybrooke Sage

    E6 Softened Green

    GP Simulated Glass

    W2 Warm Grey

    UP Ultra-Light Grey

    HH Innertone Light Light

    SM Smoke

    SG Slate Grey

    B6 Warm Grey

    MT Medium Tone

    DT Dark Tone

    IO Iron Ore

    A6 Antique Bronze

    BU Black Umber

    E1 Red

    RD Red

    D3 Red

    BE Burgundy

    D8 Farmhouse

    F7 Rust Brown

    E3 Orange

    E7 Rust Light

    F1 Kumquat

    H6 Caramel

    SE Sunbaked Earth

    OR Orange

    F2 Afternoon

    LG Gold Metallic

    YW Yellow

    H5 Mango

    YE Bright Yellow

    E8 Ash Violet

    G2 Purple

    U8 Purple Passage

    B8 Deep Purple

    DM Deep Mulberry

    U2 Blackberry

    A8 Bordeaux

    VT Violet

    B5 Camo Tan

    H4 Sassy Green

    J2 Luau Green

    GZ Lime Green

    J1 Green

    VG Vibrant Green

    G7 Green

    J4 Green

    GF Forest Green

    AD Aqua Dark

    G4 Teal

    GT Teal Green

    OL Olive

    AE Aqua Light

    U9 Nixa Green

    GN Midnight Green

    BP Pine Bluff

    E9 Raindrop

    MV Meditative

    C1 Slate

    B2 Blue

    H2 Blue

    U4 Calypso

    B3 Lake Blue

    B1 Blue Steel

    D5 Ford Blue

    S3 Blue

    NY Navy

    NN Night Navy

    LB Light Blue

    U7 Searching Blue

    BM Blue Medium

    NV Dark Navy

    KH Kalkaska Blue

  • Lettering


  • Mounting




    Panel Face Over Top Cap

    Panel Face Under Top Cap


    90 wall

    ceiling grid

    ceiling wire

    ceiling bolt

    ceiling rod

    Grid Wire

  • Shapes


    Header Shapes

    Facing Shapes

  • Sizes


    Sizes start from 1"h x 6"w up to 60"h x 60"w in half inch increments

    Larger sizes are available as special order. Please contact Appenx Sales/Service.

  • Laminate Finishes

    Laminate Finishes

    Woodgrain & Stone Laminates

    AC amber cherry

    AT asian night

    L8 bannister oak

    BC biltmore cherry

    BW brighton walnut

    CM clear maple

    WN columbian walnut

    N5 crown cherry

    L9 empire mahogany

    FM fusion maple

    HN hampton walnut

    KM kensington maple

    KB kona blend

    Z2 macchiato walnut

    T9 montana walnut

    T6 travertine

    VM vermont maple

    CW wild cherry-w

    WC wild cherry

    L7 Blackstar Granite

    Metal Laminates

    M1 Brushed Brass

    M2 Brushed Stainless

    M3 Brushed Pewter

    M4 Satin Bronze

    M5 Satin Silver

    M6 Satin Gold

    M7 Bronze Stainless

    M8 Light Stainless

    M9 Brushed Light Brass

    BZ Brushed Bronzetone

  • Product Features

    Product Features


    Product Application Dot-Dash Outsert Modular Outsert Non Modular X-site Drop Lens
    Product Application Dot Dash Outsert Modular Outset Non-Modular Xsite Drop Lens
    Room ID
    Free Standing
    Ceiling Signs
    90 Degree Wall
    Product Features Dot Dash Outsert Modular Outset Non-Modular Xsite Drop Lens
    ADA Compliant
    ADA Compliant, tamper resistant
    Tactile tiles warrantied for the life of the facility
    Customer maintainable messages
    Paper bar option
    Horizontal accent strip option
    Vertical accent strip option
    Acrylic or laminate face surface
    Color on face surface
    Color on back surface (durability)
    Replaceable plaque/message tiles
    Designer header tiles
    System panel application
    Magnetic marker board tile options
    Photo image tile options
    Tackable tile option
    Removable side trim
    Decorative backer
    Mounting Options Dot Dash Outsert Modular Outset Non-Modular Xsite Drop Lens
    Hidden screw mount
    Adhesive tape mount
    Fabric pin mount
    Panel brackets
    Magnetic mount
    Velcro mount
    Ceiling mount
    90 degree wall mount
    Desk/display mount